The Benefits of Online Shopping Australia

online shopping australia

There are many benefits of online shopping Australia, and the same applies to online retailers. With the number of online retailers on the rise, the opportunity to purchase products online is bigger than ever. This article will discuss the major players and the benefits of shopping online in Australia. We’ll also talk about the importance of packaging and delivery speed. Then we’ll look at how sustainable packaging can be a major advantage. We’ll end with some tips for the newbie.

Growth of e-commerce in Australia

Online shopping is one of the most popular activities in Australia. As of FY 2020, 16.3% of retail sales were made online. This is significantly above the pre-pandemic forecast of 12% to 13%. In FY 2021, 9.1 million households made purchases online. E-commerce is becoming a staple of the Australian lifestyle, as 90 percent of the population shop online at some point in their lives. And the future looks bright for Australian e-commerce businesses.

According to a recent AusPost report, e-commerce sales in Australia grew at a steady rate over the past two years. The growth was led by pet products, household goods, and homewares and appliances, which grew 46% YOY. Lockdowns and other disruptions also hindered brick-and-mortar sales, driving buyers online. However, these temporary challenges did not stop Australians from making purchases.

Major players

Across all sectors, eCommerce is rapidly growing. Online commerce represents nine percent of retail trade in Australia. Top players include eBay, Amazon, Woolworths, JB Hi-Fi, Big W, and Kogan. Online sales from these companies also represent a substantial portion of Australia’s total retail trade. Officeworks, Chemist Warehouse, and Catch are also major players in online shopping. Each of these businesses is growing their market share and offering more options for consumers.

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According to a 2019 report by JPMorgan Chase, most Australians purchase their goods online from outside of their country. In fact, the country’s cross-border ecommerce revenue now exceeds that of the domestic retail trade. Australia’s digital shopping industry has become more focused on Japan, China, and the US. For example, fashion shoppers prioritize fast shipping and next-day delivery. Payment methods such as PayPal and Afterpay are widely used online. Among young Australians, buy-now-pay-later solutions like Afterpay are increasing rapidly. Twenty-seven percent of young Australians own an Afterpay account.

Delivery speed

Australian consumers have high expectations when it comes to delivery speed when buying goods online. Approximately three out of four Australians are happy with their delivery experience over the past year, but more than half of these consumers say that their delivery experience influences their future purchasing decisions. In addition, two-thirds of Australians expect their purchases to be delivered within one to two days, while just six percent would consider returning to a retailer because of a bad delivery experience.

While there are many perks of shopping online in Australia, it is important to understand that the fastest delivery time may not necessarily mean the best value for money. For instance, some online retailers charge more for express delivery than they do for standard deliveries. In order to combat this, many retailers are building delivery costs into the price of their products. This way, consumers can receive their orders faster and save on shipping costs. It is important to note that online shopping speed is only one of the benefits consumers receive when shopping online.

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Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging can be a key part of online shopping in Australia. You can make your purchases in recyclable plastic, limit your use of single-use plastic, and use biodegradable packing peanuts. You will also find customers more likely to buy from businesses that use sustainable packaging. This is great news for consumers and businesses. In addition to sustainable packaging, your customers will be happier and more likely to buy from your business. So how can you make sustainable shopping a key part of your business?

Sustainability is an issue that is becoming increasingly important in Australia. More people are becoming aware of their impact on the environment and more companies are looking into how they can be more environmentally friendly. Australians are planning to spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts this year and are willing to spend more to align their habits with their values. However, sustainable shopping is challenging for high-volume ecommerce brands, and sustainable practices can make it difficult to meet the needs of consumers while balancing their shipping needs. This holiday season, retailers can take advantage of growing consumer awareness of packaging by providing sustainable alternatives.


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