How to Find the Best Mobile Phone Deals in the UK

best mobile phone deals uk

If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone, you might be wondering what brands and models are available at the best prices. There are Apple and Samsung mobile phones, of course, and Android and Huawei phones too. These brands are so dominant that most deals tend to fall into one of these categories. While Windows phones are dead and Apple-branded phones are also dead, there are other brands worth considering. Some have been around for a while, dominate other regions, and are now building a following in the UK.

Apple offers discounts on mobile phones

For those who want to get the latest iPhone but are not willing to spend a lot of money, Apple offers several ways to save money. In addition to offering an aggressive discount on the new iPhone 13 and Pro models, the company offers other deals on the iPhone as well. Check out the deals below and take advantage of these offers while they last. You may also be interested in learning about the iPhone Upgrade Program and how you can join for free.

One of the most popular ways to get an iPhone is to trade in your old model. The company offers refurbished iPhones and sells them at a discounted price. However, you should always read the terms and conditions and make sure that you are eligible to participate in any promotional offer. Apple reserves the right to reject trade-ins and offers and you must have a valid government-issued photo ID. The terms of the offer depend on your location and the Apple Specialist’s policy. Some stores also offer instant discounts on refurbished mobile phones.

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Other phone brands are worth keeping an eye out for

While Samsung continues to be the top choice for budget and high-end Android phones, Chinese brands are becoming the strongest competition. Plus, they’re much easier to get in the UK than they were before. And with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset set to be included in the Xiaomi Mi 12, the outlook for Android phones in 2022 is looking very good. However, it’s important to note that Xiaomi’s price tag may be deceiving as some manufacturers are abandoning the curved glass design in favour of a sleeker, more affordable model.

SIM-only vs monthly contract options

If you’re a keen mobile phone user, you probably want to compare the monthly contract versus the SIM-only deal to find the best deal. Monthly contracts are generally cheaper, but they can lock you into a 12-month contract – something you don’t want to do. Luckily, there are other options, including PAYG, which means you can buy your handset as a one-off purchase.

A standard phone contract in the UK typically lasts two years and includes a handset. The contract price is deducted from the amount you pay each month, which is why many people say they have a contract phone. In contrast, a SIM-only deal can be like a prepaid SIM card, where you pay a fixed monthly amount for a certain amount of data, text messages, and calls. In a monthly contract, you can opt to purchase extra minutes, data, or texts if you need them.

Other network options

Virgin Mobile is one of the UK’s first MVNO networks and has since grown to rival EE. It offers flexible packages and data rollover, so you can switch between packages each month without worrying about data usage for social media. However, you should be aware of how much data you need for each service, as some networks don’t allow you to carry over unused data to the next month. You should do your research before choosing a mobile network, because there are numerous options available.

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Although the best coverage is found with EE, you should check out all UK networks for comparable results. If you’re a heavy data user or a media consumer, check out the unlimited plans offered by Three or Vodafone. GiffGaff and O2 also have flexible plans and no contracts, while Lebara has some of the most affordable international calls. To get the best deals, compare the prices of each network and decide for yourself which one works best for you.


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