Deals Direct and GulfStar Group Serve As Exclusive Financial Advisors

deals direct

Deals Direct, an Australian online retail company, is an example of a company that has managed to find a successful niche within the online retail space. Founded by Michael Rosenbaum and Paul Greenberg in 2004, Deals Direct grew quickly to become the country’s largest online-only retailer. The company was subsequently acquired by the online auction site eBay and raised more than $900 million in funding. While Deals Direct has been a success, there are a few things to consider when using it to shop.

Perch has raised more than $900 million in funding

The growth of Amazon aggregators is accelerating, with at least 69 companies operating in at least 12 countries having raised at least $7 billion since April 2020. Perch has raised more than $900 million in funding and has acquired more than 70 brands. The company believes it can turn Amazon winners into global successes by helping sellers build a trusted collection of brands and products. Perch will use the funding to acquire more businesses, hire more employees, and build proprietary technology to scale the business.

The company is now profitable and plans to use the money to grow its team, expand its platform, and acquire more brands. It was founded in 2019 and has already acquired over 70 brands. With the funds it has raised, Perch will continue to make significant investments in its platform, team, and buying products. Among the brands that Perch will acquire are:

GulfStar Group served as exclusive financial advisor

Among the firms that served as exclusive financial advisors for deals direct was GulfStar Group. Founded in Houston, Texas, GulfStar specializes in merger and acquisition advisory services, institutional private placements of equity and debt, and general corporate finance advisory services. GulfStar has more than 70 years of experience serving middle market companies, and has completed more than 700 transactions in 16 countries. As an exclusive financial advisor to deals direct, GulfStar’s expertise in the energy industry was an ideal match for the IPO.

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Perch is a technology-driven commerce company that acquires the largest third-party brands on Amazon. The company has raised over $900 million in venture capital, and as of December 2018, has acquired over 70 brands. GulfStar was a financial advisor to Web Deals Direct, which is a global FBA seller on Amazon. The company has an owned-brand portfolio across several everyday-use categories, including technology and energy.

GulfStar Group was the exclusive financial advisor to Deals Direct

The GulfStar Group is an investment banking firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. It specializes in merger and acquisition advisory services, institutional private placements of debt and equity, and restructuring and turnaround. The firm serves companies across a variety of industries, including consumer products, healthcare, industrial products, cleantech, manufacturing, and SaaS. In 2017, it completed more than 450 assignments and made equity co-investments.

The company grew by leaps and bounds, quickly gaining customers and market share in eight countries, including China. Web Deals Direct’s proprietary software platform manages every aspect of the business and identifies product expansion opportunities. The financial advisor, GulfStar Group, acted as exclusive financial advisor to the company. Its owned brand portfolio spans several everyday use categories, including consumer electronics, apparel, and furniture.


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